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How to Make Custom Fit Ear Tips With 3D Printing

In this video we are going to walk through the four basics steps of creating a custom ear tip, from scanning, CAD design, 3D printing and post-processing. Learn more about 3D printing for Audio: At Formlabs Audio, we believe that the future of the consumer audio experience is custom built earphones. For the first time, it is possible to combine phone scanning, manufacturing automation, and affordable 3D printing to bring custom fit as an accessible earphone category, rapidly scaling its adoption to the mass market. #3dprinting #audio #customeartips ⚫Learn More About Formlabs Audio: ⚪ Request a Free Sample Part: 00:00 3D Printing for Audio Products 00:35 How to Make a Custom Ear Tip for Any Earphone Model With 3D Printing 00:46 Scanning Your Ear with Hearables 3D 01:33 Designing Ear Tips CAD Software with AudioDesign 02:16 3D Printing Custom Ear Tips with the Form 3B 3D Printer and Flexible 80A Resin 03:19 Post Processing Custom Ear Tips 03:47 Customer Using the Custom Ear Fit Tips Subscribe for more 3D Printing videos: Formlabs ► YouTube ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► LinkedIn ►