Production Ready Now: The S-MAX Pro from The ExOne Company

Introducing the new S-MAX Pro™ sand 3D printer from The ExOne Company, the global leader in industrial 3D printers for sand, metal and ceramics using binder jetting technology. The S-MAX Pro, introduced at the at the2019 GIFA International Foundry Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, can 3D print sand molds, cores and tooling for metal casting at speeds of up to 135 l/h (18 s/layer). At those speeds, the machine can 3D print two full 1800 x 1000 x 700 mm job boxes, each with a volume of 1,260 L, in just 24 hours. However, speed is just one of the features that makes the S-MAX Pro a production ready. The new scaleable and smart system also features: - a newly developed, highly efficient printhead - a fully automated recoater - An easy system for changing out materials, ideal for foundries producing complex parts with various casting materials - A box-in-box system that enables the machine to deliver 24/7 operation. - a state-of-the-art control system also features cloud connectivity and Industry 4.0 integration capabilities.