3D printed binoculars spare parts

The company Gerald Paschinger prototypes and mechanical engineering e.U. has been producing by means of CNC processing machines and additive manufacturing components of all kinds since 2009. We have already presented the contract manufacturer in the past with 3D printed small series of air transfer pipes. This time, the company worked with reverse engineering. In reverse engineering, an already existing part and its states and behavior are precisely analyzed. The component is then redesigned and, if necessary, optimized so that it can be manufactured. Reverse engineering is mostly used when there are no CAD drawings for the component, but the component is still needed. Additive material extrusion is particularly popular in reverse engineering. In the case at hand, spare parts for binoculars that are no longer available were made from ABS. Thanks to 3D printing and the expertise of the Paschinger company, the spare parts could be reconstructed and manufactured. More information about the 3D printer: https://hage3d.com/index.php/en/hage-3d-printer-84-l/ #CreatePrintApply