4-HOUR PARTS! Fast 3D Printing in Large Scale with the BigRep PRO

Fast 3D printing has been the goal of new additive manufacturing technology forever. Now, as innovative new technologies hit the market that change the extrusion process, industrial 3D printers are producing large-scale parts faster than ever. Thanks to BigRep’s proprietary Metering Extruder Technology (MXT®), the BigRep PRO is 3D printing large-format parts in just 4 hours. By using PA6/66 (Nylon) in an extrusion method that separates filament melting and material deposition, parts are produced not just fast, but strong, with superior layer bonding from the specialized engineering-grade material. Find out more about the BigRep PRO: http://bit.ly/2LQVlRk Read more on the BigRep blog: https://bit.ly/3mKYHVb Discover BigRep's specialized filaments: https://bit.ly/2KjxPeT Keep up with us on: IG: https://www.instagram.com/bigrep3dprinters/ FB: https://facebook.com/bigrep3dprinter/ LI: https://linkedin.com/company/bigrep-gmbh TW: https://twitter.com/BigRep Filmmaker: Itai Vinograd https://www.linkedin.com/in/itai-vinograd-2a89a3119/ If you’re interested in publishing this video on your website please contact us at marketing@bigrep.com.