We Lifted Our Huge 500 kg 3D Printer With BigRep PLA

We often say our materials are strong, but we wanted to prove it in the ultimate feat of strength! We 3D printed a carabiner with BigRep PLA filament, and lifted the BigRep ONE large-scale 3D printer. It took a dedicated team, a crane and one high-quality 3D-printed object. Read more here: https://bigrep.com/posts/we-lifted-the-bigrep-one-with-a-3d-printed-carabiner/ The BigRep PLA carabiner lifted the 332.9 kg machine, then the team added more weight to the printer to make it 507 kg and it held, comfortably. Thanks again to all those involved, especially to MotionLab for the use of their facility and equipment. 3D models designed by ddf3d.com Keep up with what’s going on at BigRep: WS https://www.bigrep.com IG https://www.instagram.com/bigrep3dpri... FB https://facebook.com/bigrep3dprinter/ LI https://linkedin.com/company/bigrep-gmbh TW https://twitter.com/BigRep G+ https://plus.google.com/+Bigrep3D BigRep is a future-focused large-scale industrial 3D printer manufacturer based in Berlin with offices in New York and Singapore. We produce two world-famous German-engineered workhorse printers, the BigRep ONE with its 1m³ print volume and the more compact BigRep STUDIO which can deliver large complex prints in any workspace.