Builder Extreme 2000 PRO - Builder 3D Printers

The Builder Extreme 2000 PRO is one of the biggest industrial FDM 3D printers available today and chosen by industrial leaders. With a build volume of 700x700x1700 mm XYZ, it's the perfect 3D printer for the retail or entertainment industry. Within days you can create large props, statues or other parts. Even extremely large and complex prototypes are no problem for the Extreme 2000 PRO. The Extreme 2000 PRO is fully equipped with features such as filament detection, a battery pack (when a power failure occurs, you can continue your print), auto-bed leveling and Wi-Fi or LAN connection. The machine comes fully assembled and it even comes with a set of 3 different nozzle diameters, 0.4, 0.8 and 1.2 mm, so you can choose your optimal print quality settings for your print.