Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 with BigRep

Get involved by additively manufacturing protective equipment for your local community with BigRep. (Read the full post on the BigRep blog: The ongoing effects of COVID-19 are overwhelming many hospital and organizations who lack the supplies to respond as effectively as they can, and additive manufacturing is a technology with a unique capacity to make a difference. We’re asking you to be part of the solution and print protective face shields for organizations and citizens in your local community. BigRep is already donating face shields to local organizations to provide protection from the novel coronavirus and we’d like you to join us. With the following face shield design – [LINK] – you can help provide some desperately needed equipment in your community. To help, we’re offering a complementary 2.3kg spool of PLA in exchange for video footage of you producing the equipment. We’ll use that footage to continue our call to action, getting more and more people involved in this movement. Read more on the BigRep blog: Learn how to get started with industrial 3D printing in our free Guide to Integrate Large-Format Additive: Discover BigRep’s specialized filaments: Follow BigRep on: IG: FB: LI: TW: