3D printing basin - Builder Extreme 1000 3D printer

Saneux is a leading company in the bathroom manufacture industry, creating spaces dedicated to luxury and relaxation. To maintain their leading position in the market , Saneux is always developing new concepts and the ability to produce in-house prototypes plays a major role in their design process. Saneux is using the Builder Extreme 1000 for printing prototypes of washbasins, faucets, shower valves and many more. Saneux saves weeks and thousands of Euros by regularly 3D printing these objects on their Builder Extreme 1000. Jorge Hernandez, a product designer at Saneux UK says; “Before purchasing the Builder Extreme, Saneux used external suppliers to develop prototypes. This was a lengthy, expensive process in which sometimes design elements were not communicated correctly and even lost. 3D printing allows us to review all aspects of the design and change details prior to developing a sample from the supplier. In some cases we send the 3D print to the supplier to make sure they fully understand the geometry. 3D printing large items in-house not only gives us more design freedom but is also much cheaper, especially when the prototypes require tooling moulds”. With affordable large scale 3D printing, Saneux is able to print their prototypes on 1:1 scale without loss of quality or details. The material costs for this basin, with a size of 600x450x150 mm LxWxH), is €220. The basin was printed with a 0.4 mm nozzle, 0.2 mm layer height, 10% infill and the material used for this print was PRO1 (PLA based material). After removing the support (also printed with PRO1), the basin is ready to be checked by the design team.