3D Printed Bionic Propeller: Industrial Design Metal Cast Pattern

The Bionic Propeller is an innovative component designed to increase thrust performance by 19% and reduce noise emissions by 30%. Find out more about this story: goo.gl/Ucq1si. The BigRep ONE comes into its own to precision-manufactures large, complex, research-driven industrial designs like this. The Bionic Propeller design incorporates two principles inspired by nature. Both of these bionic principles work in water and air so the design could be adapted for various applications. 3D prints of parts like this can be used as patterns for metal casting, reducing costs and lead times and allowing for greater complexity to be integrated into industrial production. In the Film: • Discover how easy it is to 3D print a large-scale model from a CAD file • See the consistency and accuracy with which the BigRep ONE reproduces this large, complex part • Learn about how this kind of manufacturing can allow large metal cast parts to be produced quicker, at lower cost and in greater complexity • Learn about the principles in nature which inspired this more efficient design: Loop ends on the propeller blades reference the wing pinions which enable birds to glide with ease. Six drag-reducing ridges on each blade are based on the fins of humpback whales Firms across industries use BigRep's large-format industrial 3D printer technology to reduce costs, develop better products and get to market quicker. Keep up with what’s going on at BigRep IG https://www.instagram.com/bigrep3dprinters/ FB https://facebook.com/bigrep3dprinter/ LI https://linkedin.com/company/bigrep-gmbh TW https://twitter.com/BigRep G+ https://plus.google.com/+Bigrep3D BigRep is a future-focused large-scale industrial 3D printer manufacturer based in Berlin with offices in New York and Singapore. We produce two world-famous German-engineered workhorse printers, the BigRep ONE with its 1m³ print volume and the more compact BigRep STUDIO which can deliver large complex prints in any workspace. Film Transcript: BigRep developed a new innovative Bionic Propeller based on two principles inspired by nature. The loop ends reflect the pinions of bird wings, six ridges on each blade are reminiscent of the fins of humpback whales. Both of these bionic principles work in water and air. Testing reveals that the new propeller reduces noise emissions by 30% and raises thrust performance by 19%. The BigRep ONE transforms the casting process by shaving significant time off cast mold production. Designing with 3D printers opens the way to more complex structures, saving time, cutting costs and energy consumption. Smarter features which make us more efficient.