3D Printed Luxury Furniture! 100% Custom Sink and Furnishings

RH Engineering and ManoFigura create truly unique 3D printed home furnishings and features for discerning customers with an eye for the unique. With their BigRep large-format 3D printer and artisan post-processing techniques - "ManoVeneer" a proprietary 'living' veneer process - the pair is disrupting the luxury furnishing industry. Their 100% personalized bathroom features and other home furnishings are waterproof and 3D printed for consumer end-use! Keep an eye out for our upcoming eBook with more details about RH Engineering and ManoFigura's incredible design and manufacturing process! Find out more about BigRep industrial 3D printers: ONE: https://bit.ly/368t2XY STUDIO G2: http://bit.ly/2MuUntL PRO: http://bit.ly/2LQVlRk Discover BigRep's specialized filaments: https://bit.ly/2KjxPeT Keep up with us on: IG: https://www.instagram.com/bigrep3dprinters/ FB: https://facebook.com/bigrep3dprinter/ LI: https://linkedin.com/company/bigrep-gmbh TW: https://twitter.com/BigRep Filmmaker: Itai Vinograd https://www.linkedin.com/in/itai-vinograd-2a89a3119/ If you’re interested in publishing this video on your website please contact us at marketing@bigrep.com.