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Dinosaur skeletons restored with large scale 3D printing - Builder 3D Printers

Dutch museum Naturalis is using large scale 3D printing to restore dinosaur skeletons. In 2019, Naturalis invested in a Builder Extreme 1500 PRO to complete the skeleton of a Triceratops. The team of Naturalis found a Triceratops skeleton in Wyoming USA, but the skeleton was far from complete. The ribs, a horn and a large part of the skull was missing. To be able to complete the skeleton, bones of other Triceratops dinosaurs have been scanned. After scanning, the bones have been prepared for 3D printing. With such a large build volume, most parts like the ribs and horn have been printed in 1 piece. The frill, the neck shield, is so big it had to be cut into 4 pieces. The bones are printed with a premium PLA and are hand painted in a slightly different colour so visitors can see the difference between original and 3D printed bones. After printing the missing parts of Dirk, Naturalis invested in another Builder Extreme 1500 PRO as they have been asked to print dinosaurs for other musea as well. Now they already printed a complete replica of Triceratops Dirk for dinosaur museum Torres Vedras near Lisbon and currently they are printing an exact replica of their original T-rex, named Trix, for a museum in Nagasaki Japan. If you would like to follow the project of 3D printing the Trex, make sure you visit the LiveScience center. You can visit the center for free and see how the 2 Builder Extreme 1500 PRO, print bone after bone.